"I did not expect that" : a farmer betrayed by his beautiful just before finding Karine Lemarchand for the balance sheet

The last episode of the 17th season of Love is in the meadow will be broadcast on Monday, November 14 on M6. Images that millions of viewers will discover except those who have (or will) watch it ahead of somersault. For the balance sheet, Karine Le Marchand will receive Jean but … without her darling Laurence. “But tell me my Jean, isn’t there Laurence?”was surprised the host of the dating program. “No”, retorted the farmer. His interlocutor asked the killer question: “Is it over with Laurence?”. To his great disappointment, the candidate replied that his romance had ended. “Well yes, not so long ago. It’s been about three weeks”, he said necessarily disappointed and saddened by the outcome of this relationship. A thunderclap that no one expected… especially not the Auvergne!

“When you don’t expect it too much… it was okay overall, there was nothing to complain about. She hadn’t realized the distance and that she was going to miss her family. In fact, she had never changed department. I was really disappointed because I did not expect it”, he explained. “I understand it too. It’s when you really live the case on the ground that you realize it. I still took a little over a week to recover from it. caused such a shock that I did not want to come to the balance sheet”, he acknowledged.

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