"I dare not look at you" : Nikos Aliagas totally confused and under the spell of Adriana Karembeu in "50’Inside" !

A bit embarrassed. For several years now, Nikos Aliagas has taken viewers on a journey of TF1 every Saturday not through his show 50′ Inside. A program in which fans can discover the places preferred by the stars to go on vacation and dream from their sofa. But the host also reveals portraits of personalities who openly engage in his microphone. The opportunity for some to learn more about their idols and their demons of the past.

For the issue of this Saturday, May 14, the one who should soon take up the torch and animate the new edition of the star Academy will in particular devote his program to Louane, Dadju or even Thierry Lhermitte. These three personalities will evoke their career but also more or less painful anecdotes of their life. On the travel side, the teams of TF1 followed for several days the stay of several Miss France in Saint-Martin. Viewers will also have the opportunity to learn more about Phuket, one of the favorite Thai destinations for the French.

A disturbing charm

But May 14 also marks an important day for the Red Cross, the day the campaign was launched to meet the public and collect donations, as the association’s website states: “From May 14 to 22, French Red Cross volunteers will go out to meet the public to collect the donations needed to support their local activities. In this period when situations of vulnerability are on the increase, national French Red Cross are an essential meeting for the pursuit of local solidarity actions”.

The opportunity for Nikos Aliagas to receive the godmother of the association, the sublime Adriana Karembeu. The model who, like wine, continues to improve over the years, and who remains as beautiful as ever. A beauty that also seems to have disturbed the facilitator as evidenced by a sequence of 50′ Inside shared on Instagram in which we could wait for the host, very embarrassed, to throw to his guest: “I dare not look at you”. A statement reminiscent of the sequence where Jamel Debbouze was unable to look away from the top model’s chest a few years ago at the Césars.

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