"I crashed like sh*t" : Franck Dubosc victim of an accident, the actor gives his news!

“Okay, that’s done”, can we read in the preamble to a photo that actor Franck Dubosc publishes on his Instagram account, revealing his left leg completely entangled in a splint, crutches near him. A humorous catchphrase that characterizes him well… but the matter seems to be serious. What happened to Patrick Chirac? At 59, the actor is firing on all cylinders, chaining roles, but also achievements as well as TV shows. Would this accident indicate that he should “slow down”? Recently, we remember his setbacks on the set of the “Grand concours des animators” where, to present his film “Rumba la vie“, he was grabbed by a Yoann Riou who was a little too enthusiastic and eager to dance with him. . Results : “Ah! Ah! He’s kicking my finger! He’s kicking my finger! Arthur!” exclaimed the actor, screaming in pain!

“Thank you for all these beautiful little messages

But in reality, a simple strategy to try to save time in order to answer the questions of the facilitator. But by dint of crying wolf… This Sunday, November 13, the father of Raphaël and Milhan therefore posted a photo of his leg, which we guess was badly damaged under a heavy splint. Would he be the victim of a real accident or would it be a joke again? The followers, visibly worried, immediately drew their wishes for a speedy recovery on the thread of the comments. Franck Dubosc, touched by all these attentions, wanted first of all to thank them. And above all to explain the circumstances of this disturbing snapshot: “I got a big big sprain. I crashed like sh*t. I tripped over a rope while doing a stunt. Thank you for all these beautiful little messages.“, he wrote on his story. In turn, we wish the actor a speedy recovery but it is clear that doing “hands and feet” on the sets, it does not bring him luck…

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