“I can’t believe you’re 30”: Get to know a tiktoker’s beauty tips to show off radiant skin

Isabelle Lux is a tiktoker from New York who shares beauty tips and is often mistaken for a 20-year-old when in fact she is 30. Recently, she posted a video showing various tips to show off plump, youthful skin. How to keep skin young and wrinkle-free?

According to the user, identified in TikTok What @isabelle.luxThere are three steps you have always followed to look younger.

“Three anti-aging skincare techniques that have been kept under wraps for too long”said the tiktoker at the beginning of the clip.

Your first tip is to use a product that retains ingredients after applying a face cream. While some people use petroleum jelly, the tiktoker prefers to use ‘Egyptian Magic’, a product that can be purchased at .

According to Isabelle, this technique works, as she has been using it for the past 15 years.

Her second tip is to apply the products to the skin around the eye area rather than rubbing them in. “It will not only take the product to a specific area, but it will also lift the entire cheekbone while deflating the area”he explained.

The final tip from the tiktoker is to sleep in a silk mask every night, claiming that this habit has completely transformed her eyes, making aging lines disappear.

Tiktoker video that shared beauty tips that make her look much younger

The video posted by Isabelle went viral with more than 670,000 views and sparked various reactions. “I still don’t think you’re 30!”said a netizen. “In the first place, I legitimately thought you were a teenager. Second, I love your hair! “exclaimed another. “You literally look 21 years old. So I will implement all of this tonight! “said a third.

It should be added that everything mentioned by the tiktoker Isabelle Lux, who runs a beauty blog called , is not a professional in skin care. For best results and a better guide on the subject, it is best to go to a dermatologist.

‘Egyptian Magic’, a natural multipurpose cream that is all the rage among the famous

The ‘Egyptian Magic’ balm is a cream with numerous healing and nourishing properties, designed to restore any type of skin, from the driest to the most sensitive. Because it contains only six natural ingredients, it has become one of the fashionable cosmetics in recent years, and several celebrities such as Eva Mendes, January Jones or Kate Hudson have recommended its use.

According , its ingredients are olive oil (a very moisturizing substance), beeswax (with antioxidant properties), honey (delays cell aging), bee pollen (with anti-inflammatory properties), royal jelly (rich in lipids) and propolis ( with healing power).

What are the benefits of Egyptian Magic cream?

Egyptian Magic is essentially a scar cream that relieves discomfort from scratches, scuffs and minor burns. It also relaxes and treats skin irritations such as eczema and psoriasis. .

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