"I asked her to be the surrogate mother" : Benoît Dubois soon to be a dad, the "surrogate mother" is a celebrity!

When his friends become parents, it gives ideas. We don’t know if Benoît Dubois wanted to become a dad before his friend Capucine Anav gave birth, but the ex-winner of Secret Story does indeed want to take the plunge as he confided to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure.

“Yes, I would love to be a dad”he admits at the outset before showing lucidity: “but I have to go through the GPA, it’s a minimum of 130,000 euros, a fairly large budget…”. A large budget but that does not slow him down. Benoît Dubois wants to know this happiness and give all his love to a child who will undoubtedly return it to him. But to become one, you still have to find a surrogate mother. In this regard, Capucine Anav’s friend announced that he had already found THE perfect person for this role. This is his colleague from mysteries of love : Angele Vivier.

Soon paternity for Benoît Dubois?

“It’s funny because I can’t stop taunting Angèle Vivier”he laughs before indicating why she would accept his request without hesitation: “because she would like to have a second child. With her spouse, they have to discuss it. And she told me that if time ran too much after her second child, well, we would have a child together”. In fact, the actress “would be my surrogate and we would have the child 50/50, and we would both have what we want!”. The perfect person for Benoît Dubois. Indeed, according to him, if Angèle were to be the surrogate mother, it would allow her to have a sublime child: “Besides, he will be handsome because she is very beautiful!”

For all these elements, the choice of the columnist and actor is obvious. Especially since the people around him in The mysteries of love allow him to spend very good times as he wanted to explain. “From the first day, I was made very welcome. It’s like a family!”he assures before rejoicing: “When I arrived, everyone showed me joy and good humor. It’s a real pleasure to meet each other on each shoot. And even when we don’t shoot for a week, we send each other messages …”

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