"I am relieved that they have left us …", the terrible confidences of the sister of Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff a few hours after their death!

The Bogdanoff brothers did not want to be vaccinated. They both died from Covid-19 infection. François, the half-brother of Igor and Grichka testified for the media Gala. Now it’s the turn of Véronique, the sister of the two famous scientists to make revelations …

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Sophrologist, Véronique Bogdanoff is usually rather discreet about her private life compared to her brothers Igor and Grichka who adored television sets. However, for the media Gala, this 54-year-old woman decides to come out of the shadows and testify with an open heart. She is very affected by the disappearance of her brothers with whom she shared “their last moments at the Georges Pompidou hospital. “Very moved, she says:” We cannot deny that there is this mystery of communication between the twins. Even though it sounds terrible to say, I’m relieved that they left us together. I can’t imagine Igor’s beautiful brown eyes following his brother’s coffin. One did not go without the other. “

“My brothers died six days apart at almost the same time. Grichka at 13:38 and Igor at 13:20 Almost forty years to the day after our grandmother, who passed away in January 1982 and who had partly raised them. I was present at the hospital. I accompanied them both until their last breath ”she confides to the media Gala. A very special statement about the death of his two stars of the small screen. The latter were buried in the Gers on January 12.

Véronique Bogdanoff believes that Igor and Grichka caught the Covid-19 “stupidly. “She regrets that her two brothers refused to be vaccinated because for her:” they had no co-morbidities, they did not smoke, they did not drink, they did not eat red meat. “For her,” they trusted their body “and advance” I take that for a choice. This disease allowed them to die together. “


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