I am Legend: this was the alternative ending of the Will Smith movie

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Will Smith’s legendary film, I Am Legend, has an alternative ending that few know and we will tell you about it in detail below.

I am Legend: this was the alternative ending of the Will Smith movie.
© Warner Bros.I am Legend: this was the alternative ending of the Will Smith movie.

I’m legendreleased in 2007, was one of the most commented films of the first decade of the 21st century as it had a striking plot and Will Smith as protagonist. Directed by Francis Lawrence and based on the 1954 novel of the same name by Richard Matheson, the film became a true box office success, grossing US$586.35 million worldwide.

The tape follows the virologist Robert Neville in the year 2012, where he is the only human being alive on Earth after the spread of a virus originally created to cure cancer that transforms people into mutants. The protagonist is immune to the germ and has therefore survived, with the aim of finding other survivors through radio messages. His blood is the answer to find the formula for a solution to the pandemic, but he is in inferior conditions and does not have much time to achieve it.

The end of the feature film that was seen on the big screen shows Neville finding the cure to end the virus that affects humanity. While he has the solution, the mutants go after him and decides to sacrifice himself by exploding a bomb so that his companions, Anna and Ethan, can escape with the cure to a colony in Vermont.where more survivors are waiting to be saved.

+ The alternate ending of I am Legend


As with multiple adaptations, there are major differences from the original novel. Over there, mutants develop intelligence and form their own society and see Neville as a constant threat, since he is the one who murders them. In the end, the central character realizes that he is no hero and decides to kill himself to free the creatures. Director of I’m legendFrancis Lawrence, had an ending thought to have some fidelity to the book.

The alternate closure showed Neville in his laboratory with the alpha male of one of those groups and on the glass that separates them makes a butterfly-shaped stain, due to the tattoo worn by the woman turned into a mutant in which she was experimenting for the cure. At that moment, Robert realizes the situation and decides to apologize, then release them.. After this, the scientist gets into a car with Ana and Ethan bound for the Vermont camp with the antidote.

According to the director’s own words, his goal was to satisfy the Warner Bros. studio with the plot and leave the character of Will Smith as the hero. A few years ago, he stated: “They go off into the unknown and the creatures that you’ve been saying are the bad guys the whole time you learn they actually have humanity and aren’t the bad guys – the hero is the bad guy. And then you’ve basically flipped everything. We tried it twice and it was very rejected, very rejected, that’s why we went out with the other one “. According to records, a sequel to I’m legend with its former leading man and Michael B. Jordan by 2023.

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