"I am jealous…" : Claire Chazal cash on her life as a couple, the famous journalist throws EVERYTHING!

For several decades, Claire Chazal was one of the emblematic figures of TF1. Unsurprisingly, his ousting in 2015 shocked many viewers. Never mind! The journalist was then able to bounce back on France 5. For TeleproClaire Chazal, however, confided that she had experienced this sidelining very badly.

“It was my family, I was very free and happy. When you have to stop, it’s a shock. I wouldn’t have stopped on my own,” explained the ex-girlfriend of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. “The audience was okay, we were in front of France 2. The weekend following my departure, France 2 was in front of TF1, that made me smile. I was arrested for personal reasons, it was enmities from a personal point of view”. Despite her bitterness, she continues to follow the JT of the first channel.

“Love is not a question of quality…”

“I apologize to Laurent Delahousse whom I like very much, but I watch the one from TF1! », joked the main interested party. At 67, Claire Chazal is not ready to bow out! “The word retirement doesn’t speak to me, I don’t know what it means”she confided to TVMagazine.“I want to work until the end […]. I am very attached to newspapers and current affairs which have been my food for so many years and with great pleasure”.

In addition to his immense career, his private life fascinates his admirers just as much. In the program “See you again soon” hosted by Sophie-Marie Larrouy, François’s mother has agreed to lift the veil on her secret garden. “Are you jealous? », then asks his interlocutor. “In love yes, I think I’m jealous”, confirms Claire Chazal by provoking her surprise. ” Why ? Isn’t that very common? […] I’m not talking about friendship […]. I’m talking about the feeling of love. […]. Why, I can’t tell you.” During the interview, the former star presenter of TF1 had to justify himself: “Love is not a question of quality… […]. It’s a bit subjective too. It is said !


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