"I am happy with all my heart": Annika Lau comes to RTL

“I am happy with all my heart”
Annika Lau comes to RTL

She is married to actor Frederick Lau. But Annika Lau has never been just the wife of … She has had a long journalistic career behind her, including at Sat.1. Now she’s hired at RTL.

Most recently Annika Lau fueled the rumors about her husband. When she interviewed Kida Khodr Ramadan on “Sat.1 Breakfast TV”, she and her husband Frederick Lau brought up the “4 Blocks” star as the new “Tatort” commissioners.

“We actually had a conversation now, because a lot of people want that too,” said Ramadan and added: “Me and Freddy are very, very good friends.” It will be interesting to see if more will come of it.

But before her husband possibly starts a new job, Annika Lau has now anticipated him herself. So now RTL announced the commitment of the 42-year-olds.

In use from May

“Annika Lau is one of the most likeable moderators in Germany. With her open and refreshing manner, she manages to win over both her interlocutors and the audience. We are therefore very pleased that Annika Lau will strengthen our first-class moderation team in the future. Where Exactly, we’ll reveal soon “, said the managing director of RTL News, Stephan Schmitter.

Annika Lau herself also commented on her change. “It’s a great new challenge waiting for me. And I am delighted with all my heart that I can be part of the RTL family from May,” she said.

Three children with Frederick Lau

The presenter, who was born in 1979 as Annika Kipp in Munich, began her career in radio. From 2006 to 2008 she was part of the moderation team for “Sat.1 breakfast television”. After that she was in use for various other formats of the station, most recently again for “Sat.1 breakfast television”. She also runs the podcast “Fancy und Lau – The Family Podcast”.

Annika and Frederick Lau have been married since 2015. They have three children together. The couple lives in Berlin. Frederick Lau has celebrated successes in the past with films such as “Die Welle” (2008), “Neue Vahr Süd” (2010) or the one-piece “Victoria” (2015). He was also seen in the first season of “4 Blocks”.

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