"i am a soccer fan": Robbie Williams wants to watch World Cup in Qatar

“I’m a soccer fan”
Robbie Williams wants to watch the World Cup in Qatar

Watch World Cup or not? In this country, some people are divided over controversial political developments in Qatar. British musician Robbie Williams, on the other hand, is determined. Under no circumstances does he want to boycott the World Cup. Maybe that’s why he even gets on the plane.

British musician and soccer fan Robbie Williams definitely wants to watch some World Cup matches in Qatar. “I’ll watch the World Cup, yes,” said Williams in Hamburg. He will probably also travel to Qatar for this. “I might go there. Friends of mine have already gotten there.” He does not yet know which games he will see.

He doesn’t think much of a boycott of the World Cup. “The World Cup is the World Cup. If you want to blame someone for what happened at the World Cup, it’s FIFA. But I want to watch football. I wouldn’t choose a regime or its people. I’m a huge one first and foremost fan of football.” If higher up in the hierarchy moved this tournament to a location that perhaps it shouldn’t have, that’s up to them. “I’m a football fan.”

The World Cup in the desert emirate begins on November 20th and ends on December 18th. Qatar has long been criticized for human rights violations and the treatment of workers from other countries. The Gulf state, for its part, points to reforms and faces a campaign.

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