HyunA doesn’t want to marry Dawn? The idol jokes about her wedding

Many fans are excitedly waiting for the moment when HyunA and Dawn, their love story has conquered everyone, only the P-Nation artist admitted that there is something that makes her think about reconsidering the wedding, what is it about?

If you are a fan of K-Pop, surely you already know a little about the history that HyunA and Dawn They share since they were labelmates at CUBE Entertainment, their departure from the company after their love relationship became known, and the strength they showed by betting everything on their love while continuing to build new steps in their music careers.

Now HyunA and Dawn are not only one of the couples favorites in Korean entertainment, but they are also engaged and wedding plans do not seem so far away, or so we thought.

Recently the singer HyunA She shared a bit about what she thinks about married life and she couldn’t hide her concern, what did she say?

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Married life scares HyunA after hearing Han Young’s story

Recently this girl was one of the guests on the Radio Star program and the actress han-young was also present. The drama star recently got married, and since HyunA is engaged to Dawnthe themes of wedding They were part of the conversation.

It was then that Han Young confessed that since his marriageNow she feels like she has a lot to deal with, mainly because of the difference in cleaning habits that she and her husband have, starting with him often leaving clothes that he’s already worn once out of the laundry basket because he plans to use them again.

HyunA listened carefully and showed surprise, but she also confessed that she somehow felt identified. oops!

HyunA and Dawn are already engaged. | Source: Instagram @hyunah_aa

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HyunA Reveals Why She Would Reconsider Marrying Dawn

Upon hearing Han Young’s story, the singer shared that she has similar experiences with Dawn, but after these statements, HyunA questioned her wedding plans with a funny comment:

Dawn proposed to me a few months ago, but I feel like I don’t want to get married. Seems like there’s a lot to take care of

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