Hyun Bin to show more of his performance in Harbin, his new movie

If you liked Hyun Bin’s performance in Crash Landing on You or Secret Garden, you won’t want to lose sight of the movie where he will be acting very soon.

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From the K-Drama who starred with Son Ye Jin, It is korean actor He has focused more on film than on television series and it was recently announced that he already has a new project on his hands. Again this is a film and the exciting story will motivate you to watch it.

VAST Entertainment confirmed that Hyun Bin will act in Harbin, an action and spy movie that will show us another facet of his performance in a short time.

Apparently the actor selected this project among his multiple offers because he was interested in the script from the beginning, but also because the director in charge will be Woo Min Ho.

What is Harbin about? Hyun Bin’s new movie

The name of the film takes us to the place where the story will unfold, as the plot of Harbin is set in the Chinese province at the beginning of the 20th century and Hyun Bin will play one of the men who fight for the independence of Korea.

Actor Hyun Bin. | Source: Instagram @ vast.ent

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Thus, throughout the plot we will follow the lives of several activists in struggle who will give everything for their homeland, so it is expected that there will be exciting and emotional moments in the film.

Hyun Bin: When does Harbin premiere?

Although the production will only begin to work on the recordings, it is expected that if everything goes according to plan, the film where we will see Hyun Bin will reach the screens with its premiere sometime in 2022.

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