Hyun Bin: OST of dramas he’s performed in his career

When the stars of the dramas have several surprising talents they often take advantage of it in each production, Hyun Bin is part of the soundtrack of several television productions.

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The actor who fell in love with his role as Captain Ri Jung Hyuk in Crash Landing on You He has extensive experience in acting, putting his energy and effort in film and television productions that led him to stardom.

It has been more than 20 years since he began acting, but as we watch him on screen we can appreciate that his acting skills are not the only thing that makes him shine, because he has charisma, a talent for action stories and even on his side. a voice that falls in love.

While we love hearing your dialogues in the romantic dramas, he is also a good singer and that is why he has a couple of OST from K-Dramas that his fans won’t want to stop listening.

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Hyun Bin’s songs in the dramas where he acted

The first time this Korean actor enlisted a song for a drama soundtrack was in 2009, at that time he acted in the MBC drama called Friend, Our Legend and singing I Cant’ Have You.

In the lyrics he relates that the person he loves has distanced himself from him while trying to preserve the love of another person.

A couple of years later the song would arrive That Man for the drama Secret Garden, the 2011 production featured Hyun Bin’s voice through that track.

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This time it is a melody where he tells the story of a man who is madly in love with a person and would do everything for her, but later reveals that this man is the same and until now he has had to hide his feelings but he no longer wants to keep it up.

On the other hand, we tell you that Hyun Bin will return to the screen shortly, the actor is getting ready for a movie and here we tell you what it is about.

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