Hwang Min Hyun dramas to completely fall in love with him

Former member of Wanna One and NU’EST, Hwang Min Hyun has captivated the hearts of thousands with his melodious voice and great visuals. However, the idol is not only talented in music, he has also shown a natural talent for acting. For that reason, you must see these doramas of him.

Despite having more than 10 years in the Korean industry and having been part of two K-Pop groups, Hwang Min Hyun It doesn’t take long for him to start exploring his acting career. Leaving a pleasant taste in the mouth of lovers of K-Dramas.

Hwang Min Hyun. // Source: Twitter @MINHYUN_PLEDIS

As well as a couple of cameos in Momo Salon and Trot Lovers. Hwang Min Hyun already had her first leading role in a series and has played major roles in other dramas. So these stories are the ones you must follow to see the growth of this young actor to stardom.

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Hwang Min Hyun doramas to know his facet as an actor

On Live On Min Hyun got his first leading role. In this story she plays the president of the broadcasting club at a school. However, his life changes when the most popular girl in school joins the club to ask for her help in hiding some information that she doesn’t want anyone to know. You can watch this series on Viki.

Although in this film the protagonist is Ren, his former groupmate. Min Hyun also plays an important character for the plot. The story is about the love between Reon, an apprentice shoe designer who falls madly in love with a mysterious woman he finds drunk and asleep on a bench. You can see her on Kissasian.

Though it hasn’t aired yet. In this series, Min Hyun plays a genius swordsman who, despite his great skill and apparent coldness, actually hides a romantic heart willing to meet the person of his dreams. In this drama inspired by the Joseon era, Min Hyun will find himself surrounded by fights and fantasy. The drama premieres on June 18 and many users are waiting for it to be broadcast on Netflix.

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