Hwang In Yeop Talked About What It’s Like To Act As A Teenager At His Age

In his recent appearance on The Sound of Magic, Hwang In Yeop played a high school student who, although he is the top student in the class, has no personal dreams. Being an actor in his thirties, he faces different challenges in getting roles of characters so different in age from his own.

Hwang In-yeop he has fascinated thousands of spectators with his performances. Although each of his characters they have had unrequited love, the actor has interpreted each one in a majestic way. Getting thousands of fans.

Hwang In Yeop delights in every role he plays. // Source: Twitter @anhxwang

Several of his characters have been a different age than he was when he played them. Although this could be a great challenge. Hwang In Yeop spoke candidly about what it’s like to have roles that must behave so differently at his current age.

If you loved seeing him in dramas like True Beauty and The Sound of Magic, here’s your take on what it was like to ‘go back’ to high school to play teenage students.

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For Hwang In Yeop, the age of his characters is usually not an impediment

In a recent interview, Hwang In Yeop talked about what it’s like to play such young characters, even though he’s already in his thirties. The famous actor appeared as a student in True Beauty and The Song of Magic. Although both characters were polar opposites, Hwang In Yeop had to go back to his high school years to play them.

The actor confessed that at the time of auditioning, the least he thought about was his age and he did not think that this could be a impediment. Similarly, he mentions that the directors, noticing his potential, did not hesitate to assign him the role, which he interpreted with pride and professionalism.

On top of that, the actor wasn’t afraid to ask his younger co-stars for advice on how to interpret students high school Undoubtedly, Hwang In-yeop he is willing to learn as much as he can in each of his roles.

Hwang In Yeop as a student // Source: Twitter @thalassadwarf

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Which character will Hwang In Yeop play in his new drama?

In his new appearance on ‘Why Her?’, Hwang In Yeop will once again play a student named Gong Chan. However, on this occasion he will not have to wear a uniform, since his role will be that of a university student studying law. Without a doubt, he will be a more mature character focused on what he wants. His new drama will premiere on 3 of June and you can watch it on Viki.

In other news, the individual poster for Hwang In Yeop’s new drama is out, have you seen it yet?

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