Hwang In Yeop Songs Showing His Talent As A Singer

Hwang In Yeop is one of the most popular actors of the moment, since his appearance in True Beauty, the South Korean has been requested to appear in more dramas. However, Hwang In Yeop has shown not only great acting talent, he has also sung a couple of times for his drama OSTs, delighting his fans with his voice.

The actor Hwang In-yeop is one of the most popular Korean artists in recent years and has shown to be talented both in his performances and when singing, these songs from South Korea you will love them.

Hwang In Yeop has sung various songs. // Source: Twitter @Sunkdramas

Currently, Hwang In Yeop is appearing in the drama Why Her?, a story full of drama and intrigue about a lawyer with questionable methods to achieve her goal. In this story, Hwang In Yeop is a student of the lawyer and is deeply in love with her.

Although so far it is unknown if Hwang In-yeop will sing a song for him OST by Why Her?, has several songs for other dramas that completely fell in love with their fans and you can discover them here.

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Songs performed by Hwang In Yeop that will become your favorites

  • It Starts Today by True Beauty

the drama of TrueBeauty featured two charming songs performed by Hwang In Yeop, which became part of the OST and completely enchanted. In the story, his character carries a sad story and his songs perfectly reflect the feeling of not being reciprocated.

  • I Mean It on The Sound of Magic

in the musical drama The Sound Of Magic, Hwang In Yeop also surprised his fans by performing one of the songs in one chapter. In this story, he is deeply in love with his classmate and can’t help but express his feelings through song, even if it’s only in his imagination.

In the True Beauty drama, Hwang In Yeop plays an aspiring idol and had to show off his talent as a singer during the drama. One of the songs he gave us was star light.

  • Okey Dokey from Mino and Zico

Although he didn’t cover as such, one of Hwang In Yeop’s most iconic scenes is when he is singing and enjoying Mino and Zico’s Okey Dokey. You can remember this moment here:

In other news, actor Hwang In Yeop spoke honestly with his fans and confessed what he wants to achieve in his upcoming performances. Did you hear?

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