Hvězda Ulica Hadrbolcová after transfer to LDN: LUXURY APARTMENT ORPHAN!

She traveled from the Third Age Home to another facility, where she has been for more than a month. It is sad, but the dependence of the popular actress on the help of others has deepened. It started with her having to stop driving. This was the first morning for the enthusiastic driver. And then came the second one. The actress could no longer leave her attic apartment. What was once a privilege has become an obstacle. Food and mail had to be carried to her. “I felt for her, it must have been difficult for her. All her life she relied only on herself, and suddenly she can’t,” she told the newspaper Aha! with great sympathy from a colleague from the series Jaroslava Obermaierová (76). “For the last few years, when we called each other, she kept complaining about her health and the difficulties associated with it,” added the representative of gossip Nyklové. According to the Malostrane neighbors, some younger relative, supposedly a nephew, sometimes goes to vent. Otherwise the apartment she was with Hadrbolcová intrinsically bound, gaping with emptiness.

He also lived there A rusk

The house under Prague Castle was also chosen by director Věra Chytilová (†85) for the filming of the film Faun’s Very Late Afternoon. It was in it that the main character lived – the aging celadon Karel Faun, played by Leoš Suchařípa (†73).

Beloved places

The actress had other popular addresses besides Prague. She owned a cottage in Jizerka in Horní Lučany, but she also traveled to southern Bohemia, where some scenes of the film I’m Jumping Over Puddles Again were filmed. She fell in love with Písek and Protivín.

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