Husband of Jojo Todynho "gets in the way" practice and play: "Incentive"

Jojo Todynho has been following a healthy routine and showed one of her workouts on social media, in which she shows her husband “disturbing” her squat exercise.

In a video posted on Instagram, Lucas decides to sit behind the funk girl so that her lap can support training. In the record, the military man jokes: “It’s an incentive.”

Jojo even asked: “Get out of there”. Accompanied by a personal trainer, Silvia, she says: “Lucas, do you come here to interfere with her training?”. The artist continues asking her husband to stop bothering her.

Lucas continued joking: “Let’s go to the bathroom”. Todynho still dodged: “What to go to the bathroom, what?”

Attraction of the 26th LGBTQIAP+ Parade from Sao Paulo, The funkeira countered the LGBTphobic statements of gospel singer Bruna Karla during a podcast. Following her public statements, the singer and reality show champion “The Farm 12” used his stories to comment on attacks he has been suffering after firing criticism about the evangelical.

According to her, netizens would have accused her of using the controversy to promote herself. “I don’t need to get on anyone’s back. But I don’t know if people live in wonderland or are insane. Have you forgotten the country you live in? Don’t you guys see the newspaper?” asks Jojo, who asks says Christian.

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