Husband and wife reveal on TikTok the unusual rules they must follow to take care of their marriage

Bailey McPherson is the name of a woman from the United States who has gained great fame in TikTok During the last week, but not because of a known trend or dance, but because she revealed that she and her husband follow certain rules to protect their marriage, which have generated a series of comments among the users of this platform.

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The video viral that we will now present was uploaded to the account @bmcpher on TikTok and begins as one of the many who monopolize this social network with a regular music until, through sentences on the screen, she begins to detail that her husband, Zac McPherson, and they have a series of rules or regulations that they must follow to protect their relationship.

Not friends of the opposite sex, not being alone with anyone and not writing to anyone without the other knowing are the prohibitions that are detailed in the first part of the video in question, which has accumulated more than 2 million views in less than a week.

Viral video of a woman detailing the rules of her marriage

As expected, these revelations caused controversy among users of TikTok as a few were in favor while most of them expressed their disagreement and harshly criticized the way in which this couple has decided to conduct their marital relationship.

Despite the criticism, the woman decided to continue with the subject and launched a second part with new rules that she and her husband are obliged to comply with in order, according to them, to safeguard their love union.

In this second video he posted, which was also made viral, adding almost 300 thousand views, indicated that pornography is also prohibited and that they are obliged to prioritize over everyone, including their parents.

Husbands share more of their unusual rules on TikTok

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