Hurt: A film starring and directed by Halle Berry for Netflix appeals to drama clichés

A Netflix premiered this Wednesday (24) the film “Wound”, starring and directed by Halle berry in his first job behind the camera. The film toured the festival circuit and now reaches subscribers of the streaming platform around the world.

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In the film, Berry plays Jackie Justice (Halle Berry) is an MMA fighter with a whole future ahead of her. She is not afraid to face when faced with a challenge, an obstacle or any kind of setback. In the opening, she appears as having won ten consecutive fights with ease.

However, in the first round of what would be her final match in a ring in Las Vegas, her opponent applied a beating unlike anything she had been through so far. Jackie simply got up, left the ring and fled.

A decade later, Jackie lives an anonymous life, cleaning the houses of rich people and preventing anyone from recognizing her. A chance to redeem herself arises, and she begins to prepare to return to the ring in a serious fashion. The arrival of her son, abandoned by her in the past, causes her resolve to shudder.

the movie, written by Michelle Rosenfarb it’s a mix of careful character study and a flurry of formulas. On the one hand, Jackie and the many struggles she faces — in her everyday life and in her mind. On the other hand, the story forces the character into a routine and predictable plot. See the full review in the video above.

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