Hungary, the new president condemns Russia: “No to a new Soviet Union”. And she opens up to the EU: “Ready to make sacrifices”

It is a surprise braking, unexpected that of theHungary on relations with the Russia and on the line to keep in European Union. And it comes through the mouth of the new president Katalin Novakalso a member of the majority party Fidesz of the premier Viktor Orbanthat in the inauguration speech a Budapestspeaking in the Parliament square, did not discount a Vladimir Putin: “Hungary condemns Russia’s aggression against a sovereign country, theUkraine“. But above all he assured that the country “is ready to make sacrifices for peace and does not want to hinder the allies”, specifying however that “it does not allow decisions that mean a sacrifice of the Hungarians that is greater than that of the Russians”.

However, these are important words that draw a border that not even Budapest wants to cross, risking to jeopardize its position a Brusselsafter the numerous unresolved clashes on the Rule of law. Statements that take on even more value because they arrive a few days after the “Red line” indicated by Orban who stated to put the veto on European sanctions on Russian oilgiven the country’s strong dependence on crude oil Fly. A position that had triggered harsh reactions within the EU buildings, with the president of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the French head of state Emmanuel Macron who had mobilized themselves to try to convince the prime minister to go back to his decision, and also within the Visegrad groupwith Czech Republic And Poland who had decided to desert the last V4 summit accusing the government of too close ties with the Kremlin. And Novak’s first official trip will be right at Warsawwhere, he said, “I hope to find friends and allies”.

Today the Hungarian position seems to change. At least in part. That “sacrifice of the Hungarians that is greater than that of the Russians” could refer precisely to the sanctions on oil, but in the event that the other EU member states succeed in guaranteeing supplies to the Eastern country it is possible at this point that unanimity can be reached in the EU Council on the embargo. Also because President Novak in her speech made it clear that “Hungary says ‘never’ to every aspiration to recreateSoviet Union. The Hungarians want peace, they want punishment for everyone war crime. Hungary is not neutral, it stands on the side of innocent victims and of the truth. As a member of the European Union and the Born we accept all responsibility and duty. Hungary supports the accession of Ukraine to the European community ”. Strong words that move Budapest’s center of gravity further west than it was just a few days ago.


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