Hugo Clément dad worried for his daughters: the journalist not reassured for their future

Following his meeting with Alexandra Rosenfeld in 2018, Hugo Clément’s life has changed completely. The journalist went from bachelor on the rise to professional step-daddy in no time. Indeed, by forming a couple with the former Miss France, he welcomed with open arms his daughter Ava (10 years old, born from his union with rugby player Sergio Parisse). In January 2020, the pretty blonde then gave birth to their first child together, adorable little Jim.

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Since then, Hugo Clément has been on cloud nine despite the cruelty of the world he has to deal with in the course of his work. With his reports, he unfortunately notes the ecological problems that are damaging the planet. This is why he does everything to adopt a lifestyle that respects it. “Already with my work, I take the plane a lot. I have a very important carbon footprint. Corn I do my best in other areas. I have been a vegetarian for six years, because we know that meat is one of the most polluting items. J‘tries to limit the use of plastic as much as possible. For the holidays, I prefer France. In Biarritz, we have a way of life where we take very little car“, he confided to our colleagues of Gala.

I am combative, but not at all depressed

But Hugo Clément knows well that all his efforts will not prevent his daughters from growing up in an increasingly uncertain world. A subject that necessarily worries him. “I’m afraid of what the future holds while they have nothing to do with it“, he admitted. Before putting it into perspective:”But it doesn’t scare me to the point of being paralyzed and thinking about it every day. Despite the dangers that lie in wait for us, I think it’s important to be happy, to have a good time and to laugh. I am combative, but not at all depressed.”

Moreover, it is Ava and Jim who are pushing him to keep hope for a better future. “They are what motivate me to put all my strength into this fight. I don’t want them to live in a world in permanent crisis with disasters every two weeks. I think that many parents are engaged in this fight to try to offer their children a less dark world than what is announced to us.“, he again declared.

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