Hugo Bonemer launches a podcast and dedicates an episode for the relatives of gay people

During this week, the actor Hugo Bonemer used their social media to announce the release of their new podcast, called “Call Hugo!!!“. In the new space, the actor comments that he intends to address topics such as sexuality, veganism, cinema and the environment. “I started consuming podcasts while I’m doing other activities, I felt hopeful with much of what I heard and I wanted to communicate through this format too”, explained the artist.

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“Each episode should deal with complicated issues in an affectionate way, seeking a universal and honest meaning. People can expect themes that are recurrent in my life like veganism, plastic reduction, cinema and sexuality; and topics that I feel safe to address, even if they are unpublished,” he continued.

In its first episode, named “Families with Gay Children“, Bonemer comments that he intends to combat the lack of information that ends up generating homophobia. “I noticed a lack of content addressed to the parents of gay people and I believe that this can combat so much misinformation that reaches them. they feel when discovering the affective and sexual nature of their children and the helplessness that the children feel due to their parents’ incomprehension. I have faith that this podcast can make a difference,” said the actor.

“No ‘Call Hugo!!!’ episode addresses children’s subjects. ‘Families with Gay Children’ is a straight and honest talk about the affective and sexual nature, therefore, it should be looked for by anyone who has already reached adolescence. If parents feel they should talk to their pre-teens or children about its content, then it’s a family decision about the education given at home,” he added.

The actor comments that, to make the content of the podcast, a lot of discipline and dedication at work is necessary. “It requires a lot of dedication and discipline, because ideas are only organized when we sit down to write. I’m using an app called Anchor to edit the material because it already publishes the podcast directly to Spotify and other platforms. I hope to be able to influence days of more respect for others, generosity, acceptance and peace”, he concluded.

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