Hugh Jackman doesn’t begrudge him the Oscar – now Marvel star Ryan Reynolds hits back

The two Hollywood stars will soon be in front of the camera together for “Deadpool 3”. Despite this, Jackman demanded that his colleague not be nominated for an Oscar. He now turned his attention to the Academy.

For Marvel fans, a big fan dream will soon come true: After his last appearance as X-Men superhero Wolverine in “Logan”, Hollywood star Hugh Jackman will now return to his signature role and appear in “Deadpool 3”. play the comic book hero again on the side of Ryan Reynolds. Fans should be particularly pleased that Jackman will return from Wolverine’s retirement for the new Deadpool film of all things. Because the duo is best known for their staged enmity, which they repeatedly flaunt in a very entertaining way in the social media world and which is always to be enjoyed with a wink. Because in truth, the two are of course close friends, while their online feud has now become more of a kind of running gag in public. However, this may have contributed significantly to Jackman returning as Wolverine for “Deadpool 3”.

Thanks to the actor, fans can currently also enjoy the continuation of the staged argument. Jackman, who received his first Oscar nomination exactly ten years ago for the film “Les Misérables” and has great chances of a second nomination this year with his new film “The Son”, obviously does not begrudge his film colleague this honor: Because he calls on the Academy in an Instagram video not to nominate Ryan Reynolds for an Oscar this year.

In the following you can find out which film the “Deadpool” star can actually calculate for and what exactly is behind Hugh Jackman’s call Video:

Ryan Reynolds reacts and turns to the Oscar Academy

Of course, Ryan Reynolds didn’t need to be asked twice and has since sent a video message to the Academy. In it, he directly addressed the fact that Hugh Jackman spoke out against an Oscar nomination for Reynolds. But he doesn’t want to “go to this level” now. Instead, he turned the tables and nominated Hugh Jackman for an Oscar for his performance in the drama The Son, which stars Jackman opposite Anthony Hopkins and Laura Dern.

Ryan Reynolds made it clear that he was genuinely impressed by his Deadpool 3 co-star’s performance, as Jackman gave one of the best performances of his impressive career in The Son. Of course, Reynolds couldn’t just leave it at this recommendation, but added a dig at the end. After the camera fell, he can be heard saying, alluding to a flop from Jackman’s filmography:

“Wolverine and Deadpool. Who is he kidding? Never in my life, Chappie.”

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