Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, gives tragic news to fans

Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, has brought tragic news to fans. The actor revealed that his dog passed away around the age of 12.

The Marvel star shared the news with his followers on Instagram, posting photos with the dog.

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“It is a very sad day for our family. Dali, our beloved Frenchman, passed away last night. He would be 12 next month… which I was told is a long life for this breed. I always, always thought he was ROCKSTAR. Because he was!” Jackman wrote in the caption.

“He marched to the beat of his own drum, he was loved all over the world, and boy, did he have a good life. We’ll miss him, but we know he’s howling in the sky, ruling the roost and enjoying the buffet at his leisure. RIP Dali Rockstar Jackman. We love you!” the caption continues.

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Hugh Jackman to Star in New Series from Rick and Morty Creator

Hugh Jackman may have retired as Wolverine, but he remains active as an actor. According to Comic Book, the star will be in the voice cast of Koala Man, a new animated series produced by Justin Roiland, from Rick and Morty.

The project is being developed for Hulu, which means it should arrive via Star+ in Brazil. The co-creator, alongside Justin Roiland, is Michael Cusack of Smiling Friends.

The animated series will revolve around the Koala Man, or “Koala Man”, who protects a small town in Australia with his one special ability: following rules.

It may seem like a peaceful place, but it is constantly threatened by evil forces, which the Koala Man faces without being respected by anyone.

Hugh Jackman will voice Big Greg, the charismatic head of City Council who is loved by everyone. He constantly takes full credit for the Koala Man’s good deeds.

For now, there is still no release date for Koala Man.

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