Hugh Grant rude? His answers to the interview cause discussion but here’s how things really are

Hugh Grant rude or well-calibrated sarcasm? The interview given to is causing discussion Ashley Graham by the British actor at the entrance to the Dolby Theater during the Oscar night 2023. Before the joke then pronounced on the stage of the awards, on the fact that he looks like a scrotum because he doesn’t use moisturizers like his colleague Andie MacDowell, Grant stopped, before going to the room instead of him, as per practice by the young Graham. The 35-year-old model asks the 62-year-old veteran if he was excited by the prospect of some actors winning. Grant: No, no one in particular. Graham: “OK, so what are you wearing tonight? (classic question to which the stars usually answer with the name of the designer author of the dress ed)”.

And Seraphic Grant: “Just my dress”. Graham again: “So tell me what it was like being in glass onion ? It’s such an amazing movie. I really loved it. What is it like to make a film like this?”. Quick Grant: “Well, I’m barely in it for about three seconds”. And she: “Yes, but still you had fun, right?”. Grant: “Um, well.” No big deal, Grant replies with sardonic detachment, with that secluded and conscious irony, I can’t wait to go a little, but who made me do it, without ever resulting in rudeness. Maybe getting to know him a little better, someone like Grant who has made dozens of films using this funny understatement, would even make you smile. Especially in that display case of fake smiles that spreads from the entrance corridor inside the Dolby Theater during other people’s awards.

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