Huge misunderstanding for open screen: News host cheated viewers

Netflix’s hit series ‘You’ created great confusion for Fox News host Laura Ingraham the other day – much to the delight of viewers.

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In a feature where there was talk of TV series that have included the corona situation and vaccines in the story, Laura Ingraham was howled completely out of it by the guest Raymond Arroyo.

He chose to highlight the Netflix series ‘You’ – and especially an episode where the protagonist Joe and his wife’s child get measles, after attending a party with an unvaccinated child. To that extent, it gave rise to confusion among the seasoned news host. She thought it was herself when the guest kept saying ‘You’.

»Wait, wait, wait. When did I mention measles? ”Said Laura Ingraham.

After a minute of ball-playing between the guest and the ignorant host, Laura Ingraham has to give up. She simply has no idea what Raymond Arroyo means.

The clip has since gone viral and the internet abounds with laughter-filled viewers who are crazy about the fad.

Even the protagonist of ‘You’, Penn Badgley, the clip has reached.

However, he questions the authenticity.

  Penn Badgley stars in 'You'.

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Penn Badgley stars in ‘You’.

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‘It must be agreed,’ he wrote on his Twitter-profile, where he shared the clip.

‘The guest is engaged, he actually made me laugh – but see how he waits, she interrupts him.’

And at least if the actor was not right.

Richard Arroyo himself was out afterwards and admitted that the interaction was planned. He also wrote on it Twitter.

‘My favorite part was that only regular viewers realized it was completely planned,’ he wrote.

In the same embrace, he also just sent a thank you to Penn Badgley for his praise for the achievement.

‘Your delivery is also pretty good.’

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