Huge blunder of the SPW: 12,000 Belgians will have to reimburse part of the corona premium, “we legally have no other choice …”

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Cold shower for thousands of self-employed people in Belgium. As RTL-INFO indicates, many of them have received an email inviting them to reimburse part of a corona premium of 3,500 euros. “A material error occurred at the time of payment and it is an amount of 3,250 euros which should have been paid to you. We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused. We ask you to reimburse us 250 euros before December 20, ”indicates the message from the Walloon public service.

Is this a scam? The answer is no. Questioned by our colleagues, the spokesperson of the SPW confirms that “the content of the email is indeed unfortunately correct”. He details: “An error has been made and € 250 must be reimbursed. The decree was clear and did mention compensation of € 3,250. We have no legal choice but to claim the overpayment ”.

12,000 Belgians are affected by this bad news.

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