Huge blow for star actor and director Dany Boon: these millions of euros that were stolen from him!

Dany Boon is faced with a delicate situation. At least that’s what the Irish Examiner says. According to information from the Irish media, the 56-year-old actor was the victim of a huge financial scam. A fraud that would have taken place between April and July of the year 2021. A blow for the star who recently confided in the issues related to celebrity. On the set of C à vous, Dany Boon explained that his son Noé had suffered from his popularity, especially when his flagship film was released. “He is 22 years old and a student in New York. He does literature and guitar. He is quiet, his father is not known there. It’s rather good. On leaving the Ch’tis, it was complicated for my children. He changed schools three times, he was getting bored at school”.

Millions of euros embezzled

For his part, Dany Boon also knows some hardships. A man would have succeeded in particular in manipulating him by posing as a rich Irish heir. Thanks to this lie, he would then have embezzled several million… According to our colleagues, the man known under the pseudonym Terry Birles would have convinced Kad Merad’s acolyte to collaborate with the company South Sea Merchant’s Mariners Ltd Partnership (SSMM) for the maintenance of his yacht. A business that supposedly belonged to him. Conquered, the actor would have paid 2.2 million euros to the scammer, then 4.5 million in a scheme affiliated with the Irish Central Bank, reports Here.

Bad luck, it was a scam and the authorities would have quickly discovered the pot of roses. The money had been transferred to accounts located in Panama and South Korea. If Dany Boon is one of Terry Birles’ unfortunate victims, he wouldn’t be the only one. For the moment, the scenario writer would still not have recovered his money. To be continued…


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