How was Nacho from "Big Brother 2022" before entering reality: the video that caused a furor in networks

Big Brother 2022″ It has been hogging all the attention of the Argentine public for the things that happen inside and outside the house. The 65 cameras that are installed on the property of teleph transmit every interaction that occurs in the most famous house in Argentina by pluto tv. Originally from Almagro, Nacho’s Big Brother has been gaining prominence in reality and recently came to light a interview he gave and quickly went viral.

The 19-year-old was already known on social media for the content he created for TikTok. During a party, he was interviewed by the Instagram account @previateestawhere he did not hesitate to answer the spicy questions he was asked.

“What is your blood alcohol level from 1 to 10?“, started asking the interviewer. “I have to drive back, if they stop me I’m chicken”answered Nachos from ” Big Brother”.

Nacho in an interview with @previateesta

Redoubling the bet, they asked him if he approached women in bowling alleys. “Are you facing strangers that you don’t know anywhere? If you see a pretty girl, do you go and face it?they questioned him. “It’s hard for me, but If I like it a lot, I’ll send it to you. If not, I play dumb“, he narrowed the young TikToker.

“Do they look at you a lot or do they face you?”they released. “Until he comes and makes it clear to me that he wants to be with me, no. I always say that I have a girlfriendI don’t like going bowling. It has to be an exception or someone who knows that I will not see more”made it clear “Nacho of Big Brother”.

Recently, the young man was in the middle of the controversy when in a conversation he had with Conejo, said Julieta had to be “squeezed” to be with a member of the house even though she has a boyfriend. “She came accompanied”, He started by saying Nacho. What “Rabbit” Big Brother” answered: “You have to see how long it lasts”. Against this, Nacho He made a controversial comment: “I feel that with a little bit of slack or a little bit of tightening it loosens up”.


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