How to Watch NREGA Muster Roll 2021 Online

How to check NREGA muster roll 2021-22 nrega muster roll : Here we will know how to check MNREGA muster roll online through your mobile or computer. Payment of work to be done under MNREGA scheme in Gram Panchayat master role is done accordingly. In this muster roll, the number of attendance of a job card holder is recorded, he gets wages for the same number of days. If you want to check this muster roll and want to know whether your attendance has been filled correctly or not, then you can check it online.

The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India has made available the official web portal to make the NREGA scheme transparent. All types of information related to job cards are available on this web portal. Apart from other information, you can also check muster roll. For this you have to follow the prescribed procedure. So let us tell you step by step in an easy way how to see NREGA muster roll online?

MANREGA Master roll How to watch 2021-22

Step-1 Open the NREGA web portal

To see the NREGA muster roll online, one has to first go to the official website of the Ministry of Rural Development. For this, open any internet web browser in your mobile or computer and go to the web portal. For your convenience, the direct link of this web portal is given here. Through this you will be able to go directly to the website – Click here

Step-2 Select your state name

After the NREGA web portal is opened, you will see the name of all the states on the screen. Here you have to select the name of your state. For example, if someone is from Madhya Pradesh, then select Madhya Pradesh here. If you are from any other state then select that state here.

Step-3 Select your district name

After selecting the state, the name of all the districts under that state will open. Here you have to select the name of your district.

Step-4 Select your block name

After selecting the district, the list of all the blocks falling under that district will open. In this list you have to select the name of your block.


Step-5 Select the name of the Gram Panchayat

After selecting the block, the list of all the Gram Panchayats falling under that block will open. In this you have to select the name of your Gram Panchayat.


Step-6 Select the Muster Roll option

After selecting the Gram Panchayat, you will see the option to view different reports on the screen. We have to see muster roll, so R2. Demand, Allocation & Musterroll Go to section. here after Muster Roll option has to be selected.


Step-7 Select the Task and MSR Number

In the next step, first select the financial year. After this select Filled Muster Roll. Then select the name of the job whose muster roll you want to see. name of work after selecting Select MSR Number As shown in the screenshot.


Step-8 View NREGA Muster Roll

As soon as you select the job name and MSR number, you will see the muster roll on the screen. In this, details like name of job card holder, total attendance, daily wages, amount due, total cash payment etc. have been given. In this way you can easily do any work NREGA pattern roll Can check online.


To see NREGA Muster Roll Go to the official web portal of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. After this, select the name of your state in the list of states. Similarly, you have to select the name of your district, block and gram panchayat. After this, select the Muster Roll option in the report. Then the job name and MSR number have to be selected. After this MNREGA muster roll will open. You can see your name in it.

Above we have told the complete process of viewing NREGA muster roll of a state Madhya Pradesh. Similarly, people from other states can also see the name in the muster roll. In the table below, we have given the direct link to see the state name and master roll. With this you will be able to go directly to the website of your state.

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how to watch nrega muster roll, Its step by step simple information is explained here. Now any job card holder will be able to check his/her name and other details in MNREGA Master Roll online from his mobile or computer sitting at home. If you face any kind of problem in this or you have any question related to NREGA scheme, then you can ask in the comment box below. We will reply you very soon.

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