How to use tea tree oil ?! 8 tips

Healing accelerator

You can use Australian tea tree oil for minor injuries or cuts. On the one hand, it reduces inflammation and, on the other hand, it can activate the blood cells that are the basis of the healing process.

Natural repellent

Preparations with oil are great helpers in the fight against insects. The oil will protect you against both mosquitoes and ticks. But you will appreciate it even if you forget about its application before the trip and return home with stings. Soothes and protects the affected skin, reduces itching.

An effective deodorant

The antibacterial properties of the oil can help with the unpleasant odor caused by sweating. As is well known, sweat itself is not felt, but when the secretions from the sweat glands combine with the bacteria on the skin, a medium to strong abrasion is formed. Due to its antibacterial properties, the oil is a great alternative to antiperspirants.

Acne fighter

Ulcers arise due to the multiplication of bacteria in the clogged sebaceous glands and there the oil helps.

Protection against mold of feet and nails

Mold on the feet is a relatively common skin disease, and when it spreads to the nails, it is a very stubborn matter. Tea Tree oil works on the fungus of the feet very similar to the antifungals available in pharmacies. Home medicine is similar to treating skin injuries – just a few drops of Australian oil along with coconut oil.

Relief in contact dermatitis and psoriasis

If your skin turns red when in contact with allergens, lotion with tea tree is a great help, as is psoriasis.

Protection against dandruff and everything

Dandruff is not a life-threatening disease, but it can be annoying. The oil heals the scabs and reduces the itching of the scalp.

King of prevention and household

Thanks to its disinfectant properties, it is a helper in the home, where it can rid surfaces of viruses and viruses. You can also use the water with a few drops of Tea Tree as a disinfectant spray on your hands, and when you wash it with fresh fruits and vegetables, you will slow down the mold process.

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