How to reuse roll-on deodorant balls: two practical ideas

One of the personal hygiene products that cannot be missing in the home is deodorant, especially the roll-on ones. When the antiperspirant liquid runs out, many people throw away the containers. For this reason, at MAG we share two ideas so that you can reuse this part of the deodorants in the best way. You’ll be surprised.

The use of deodorants is practically necessary to combat underarm sweating. While many people use spray or aerosol deodorants, others prefer roll-on antiperspirants.

For the latter case, the ball is essential to apply the antiperspirant liquid in the armpit area. However, when the substance runs out, what many people do is discard the containers in the trash can. It is not the most recommended option, if we want to contribute to the environment.

How to remove the deodorant ball?

Because the ball is embedded inside the deodorant container, it cannot be removed with your own hands. It is necessary to resort to some tools such as a flat screwdriver or a small serrated knife.

In both cases, you only have to pry on one side of the container so that the ball comes out. Of course, preferably do it in the shower or in a safe place so that accidents do not occur when the ball is shot.

How to reuse deodorant balls?

body massager

Follow these tips recommended by the YouTube channel to make a homemade massager with your roll-on deodorant that you no longer use

  • After removing the deodorant ball, place an ointment of your choice in the deodorant container with the help of a teaspoon
  • Apply a little water so that the gel does not become very gelatinous
  • Put the ball back in the container and shake the container with your hands
  • In this way, a homemade body massager will be ready.

Liquid soap or gel alcohol

Another easy idea that you can put into practice is to make a container of liquid soap or gel alcohol with the ball and the deodorant container that you no longer use, as various content creators advise.

  • Carefully remove deodorant pellets
  • Once this step is done, fill the container with liquid soap or gel alcohol
  • Replace the ball until it fits snugly.
  • Cover the container and, in this way, you can take it in your bag when you go to the beach or somewhere else

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