How to paint my house inside? Trendy colors for interiors

What colors are in fashion and will give your home an aesthetic look? We tell you what are some of the tones that are causing a furor and that are the new favorites when it comes to painting the interior of a home.

Renovate a house and give it a makeover It is not an easy task and it also involves different stages, maybe you want to replace your furniture, rearrange the rooms or add new details, but an important part when it comes to transforming your home is painting the walls.

But, What color to paint the walls of my house?the choice can be quite a challenge, because it is not always easy to imagine how our home will look with different tones than those with which we are used to seeing each site.

What color should I paint the walls of my house? | Source: Instagram @afl.kitchens.joinery

That is why here we tell you what are some of the colors who are fashionable when it comes to interior decorationall these tones combine very well with the neutral and will be your allies to paint your house.

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What is the best color to paint the interior of a house? trendy shades

In general, we can see that there is currently a certain inclination towards neutral tones, as well as the contrasts between light and dark, but if you want to get creative and select shades that are especially beautiful but also very fashionHere we tell you about some of them.

  • Light grey
  • light terracotta
  • Beige
  • Dark gray
  • Club Navy/Deep Navy
  • pearl gray
  • Rosewood/Dusty pink
  • Greige
  • White
What color should I paint the walls of my house? | Source: Instagram @an_architect_at_work

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Color combinations to paint your house and achieve an aesthetic style

To begin, we must remember that one of the most popular trends in recent years when it comes to painting a house combining colors It is the rule of 60, 30, 10. It consists of using three colors for the walls, one of them will dominate in 60% of the surfaces, another will have less quantity (approximately 30%) and the last one will only be used for small places and details.

What color should I paint the walls of my house? | Source: Instagram @s_nature_living

Several of the colors that we mentioned earlier combine very well with each other due to their proximity to neutral tones. For example, you can combine a navy blue with light gray and white, or also a dusty pink with greige and pearl grey, or a light terracotta with rosewood and beige.

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