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Hello friends, if you want to fulfill your dream by setting up a petrol pump and if you want to become the owner of a petrol pump yourself, then get ready, this is a great golden opportunity for you. At this time many oil companies have started their applications and the company is about to start about 6000 petrol pumps and this company will soon distribute its dealership, so if you also want to set up a petrol pump in your vacant place or any plot. You can apply for this.

petrol pump dealership Form

How much does it cost to open new petrol pump

Whenever you think of opening a new petrol pump, then you must have thought again and again that if we open a new petrol pump, then how much money will we have to invest for this, then before opening the petrol pump, you will have to pay for its investment. Know about it, the minimum initial cost for opening a petrol pump can be 2500000 to 5000000 rupees.

Terms and conditions for opening new petrol pumps! Terms and conditions for opening new petrol pumps

To promote transparency in the licensing and franchise of petrol pumps by oil companies, a new dealer selection process has been devised. Under this new process, the applicant is already screened against the pre-established eligibility criteria. As per the eligibility criteria all the applicants are shortlisted for the next round, a bidding process is used to select the dealer. Hence, the eligibility criteria now plays an important role in determining the petrol pump dealer.

Eligibility to take Petrol Pump Dealership?

  1. You must have 900 square meters of land to open a petrol pump
  2. And if you are opening this petrol pump on the highway then you should have 1200 hundred to 1500 square meters of land.
  • To open a petrol pump, the company will take your space on lease for 30 years, for the company, your space should be 800 or 12 square meters, the company will decide everything by looking at your location.
  • To be eligible to obtain a petrol pump license and start a petrol pump, as per income tax rules,
  • The person must be an Indian citizen and a resident of India. To be considered a resident of India, a person must have resided in India for 182 days or more in the previous financial year.
  • The applicant should not be less than 21 years of age and should not be more than 55 years.
  • The proof of age of the applicant should be valid 10th standard board certificate or secondary school leaving certificate or birth certificate.
  • To open a petrol pump, first of all you must have a license and register the center etc. But to do all this, the company gives you complete information and the company helps you fully how you have to do this process.

petrol pump dealership online registration?

To open a petrol pump, his biggest role plays his place that he wants to set up a petrol pump, how is the picture and how is the land of the place where he is installing the petrol pump if the land there is in a good area where More and more people come and I have good quality as well as there is a good advertising space, so the petrol pump runs more and more there.

Dealerships are always found in such places, first of all the company comes and checks that land and understands whether our petrol pump can run here as much as possible, if that company feels that yes it can run here. There it provides the license of the petrol pump, we have gone below to provide the petrol pump, you must understand the criteria once in these.

(Education Criteria) Need for Education

Applicants must be educated to open petrol pump for this the details of education separately for rural and urban areas are mentioned below

Rural Petrol Pump applicants belonging to SC/ ST or OBC category must have passed minimum 10th class and all other applicants must have passed minimum 10+2 level of examination. In case of application under open category, applicant must have passed minimum 10+2 level examination for rural petrol pumps For open category applicants other than rural areas, applicant must have passed an Act of Central or State Legislature in India or any other educational institution established by an Act of Parliament declared by any University or possessing an educational qualification.

How to apply for Petrol Pump Dealership:-

  • To open petrol pumps, usually oil marketing companies issue advertisements for this in newspapers or on their online websites.
  • Any person who wants to take a petrol pump dealership will have to apply for a license to open a petrol pump under his state city.
  • Oil marketing companies provide dealership through lottery process to the candidates who have applied for the dealership.
  • If after applying your name is found in this lottery then you have to send all your documents to the companies.
  • After this you get the license to open your petrol pump, then you have to take your GST number and also open a bank account of yours.
  • You may have to face some difficulties to get the license of petrol pump dealership, for this you can also take help of oil marketing companies.
  • After this the process of opening your petrol pump will be completed.

Note: The information mentioned here is collected from the side of the newspapers so before applying or doing any financial transaction, you must go through the complete details of the scheme as this website will not be responsible for any financial risk.

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