How to make winter more joyful?

It is true that this season is one of the least appreciated, even the most feared. Winter is punctuated by weather phenomena that are difficult for the human body to manage: lack of light, cold, humidity… Elements that it considers harmful to our survival, which generates the production of stress-related hormones. This is the state we naturally find ourselves in from November to March. To appreciate this season and make it more “joyful”, we must work on three points that are inseparable from each other.

Three complementary approaches

First, we must learn to preserve our energy, finally accepting the limits of this season on our general form and learning to live according to the rhythm it imposes on us. Enjoying sufficient energy on a daily basis inevitably affects mood.

Then, we must take care to constantly adapt to the external elements to reduce their influence on us: this means dressing properly, keeping warm, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, etc. But also make the most of the light when it comes or via light therapy devices if necessary.

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Finally, and something that we often forget, there is a large part of psychology in the relationship to winter: the brain is constantly deceived by cognitive biases that act as filters. There is, for example, the confirmation bias which is very present in winter: if we are convinced that winter is a “bad” season, we only retain what goes in the direction of this idea. Or the negativity bias: we only focus our attention on what represents a danger, which therefore generates stress. It is well known, we remember more rainy days than sunny days! In my latest book, several exercises and tools are offered by psychologists, doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists in order to re-educate the brain to finally make winter more pleasant. A resilient approach that tends to turn towards the positive: take care of yourself, discover the superpowers of the body and seek a form of personal development at all times.

Virginie Hilssone, “Make winter your second summer”, Ed. Jouvence.

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