How to Make a Perfect Brownie at Home: Frequently Asked Questions

The brownie is one of the most consumed desserts in the world. A particular chocolate cake that was born from a fortunate mistake a little over a century ago in the United States, and that has evolved to include among its ingredients crunchy toffee, pistachios, cream cheese or peanuts.

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What is the origin of the brownies

Of American origin, this sweet of uncertain origin is attributed by many parents: some say that it was created in Chicago at the Palmer House Hotel, when the organizers of a major exhibition asked the pastry chef to prepare a dessert to be placed in boxes so that it could be eaten. without staining your hands. And others, that it was born when a cook, by accident, added melted chocolate to the dough of some cookies.

However, most food historians believe that the brownie was the result of a happy mistake, when they forgot to add yeast to a brownie. When baking it, a compact and flat cake was achieved, slightly crunchy on the outside and very juicy on the inside that, against all odds, was liked a lot.

But is it as easy as it sounds? What should we look for to get a great brownie? Moncho López, from Levaduramadre Natural Bakery, gives us all the keys to get our homemade brownie to be perfect:

What type of chocolate should be used in a brownie?

“A quality chocolate, with at least 70% pure cocoa and no sugar. It is important to choose the right percentage of cocoa because if we use a purer chocolate, the result may not be as creamy and sweet as it should be, and with a chocolate with 50% cocoa, for example, the cake may not have enough power ” .

How should the ingredients be mixed to make the brownie perfect?

“Regarding the mixture of ingredients, first the chocolate is melted together with the butter and allowed to warm. Then the eggs are added one by one and when everything is incorporated, the sifted flour is added. At first, the mixture can be moved with a tongue, but then you have to do it with rods ”.

How should the baking be? Should we let it rest once we take it out?

“The oven must be strong, at least 200-220 degrees, being preferable that it is done in a convection oven and that during baking it generates a crust. The brownie may rise during baking, but once it is removed from the oven, it goes down. You don’t have to rest ”.

And its ideal texture? Should it be damp so it is not so dry?

“Yes, the brownie, like many American pastries, has little baking and is slightly moist inside. The same thing happens to cookies and muffins ”.

With what can it be accompanied?

“With vanilla ice cream it is perfect. When served hot, it goes well with ice cream. In addition, it is a very popular dessert in restaurants, because it withstands the passage of time very well, although if they tell you that if they warm it up a bit, it is likely to be from the day before. “

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Any trick or secret?

“In this type of preparation there are few tricks and few innovations, because the original recipe is already extraordinary. They are very tight preparations that are good not for originality, but for simplicity. The secret is quality ingredients and following one of my maxims: it is not about doing extraordinary things, but about doing the ordinary extraordinarily well ”.

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