How to Get Death Certificate Online : Death Certificate Download

How To Get Death Certificate Online | Death Certificate Download | mrutyu Praman Patra apply,Learn how to make a death certificate

Dear friends, if you have a birth certificate or Death Certificate Online If you want to make, then we will tell you the complete way here so that you can easily get your birth and death certificate made. How to Get Death Certificate Online : Death Certificate Download )|

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Death Certificate And birth certificate is sought to take advantage of many government schemes, in such a situation, if you do not have this certificate, then you are deprived of these services, so it is very important for you to get a death certificate and a birth certificate.

What is Death Certificate Online?

Dear friends, Death Certificate is such a document that it shows, or rather certifies that in whose name this certificate has been issued. that person officially declared dead given |

This certificate is prepared according to the verification report of the Tehsil or Village Development Officer and the report of the village head. And at the same time, after the issue of this certificate, the property of the person declared dead is transferred in the name of his family.

Death Certificate Apply Important Link

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Death certificate letter will be issued from CRS Portal

Dear user, if you are making birth certificate or death certificate through any government portal, then you will know that this service has been stopped on eidistic portal of the state government and from there no one can Death Certificate is not being issued is |

Creation of death certificate CRS portal being done through Recently, instructions have been issued from the government level to register on the CRS portal for birth and death registration in rural areas, at present all these registrations were being done from the gram panchayat and block level through the portal.

Death certificate benefits

Dear friends, if you have not got a death certificate made for any of your deceased, then you should know the benefits of death certificate here.

  • Death Certificate There can be many benefits like without death certificate you can Can’t claim LIC insurance are |
  • No person can close his bank account without declaring him dead and depositing his death certificate in the bank. And cannot transfer money from that person’s bank account to someone else or transfer it to his nominee.
  • If there was a house or any land or any other property in the name of the person who died, then you cannot transfer it in your name without applying the death certificate.
  • If the money was invested in the share market or mutual fund in the name of the person who died, then the death certificate is also required there.
  • If a fixed deposit was made in the name of the person who died in the government post office or anywhere, then the death certificate would have to be given to take it.
  • If the person who died was a pensioner and money comes in his account, then you can not take that money by applying a death certificate.

Death Certificate Documents Required

death certificate To get it made, all the documents mentioned here should be available with you, only after that you will apply online to get the Death Certificate made online, otherwise your application will be canceled.

  1. Aadhar card of the deceased
  2. Identity card of the deceased
  3. Proof of death like death card or certificate attested by village head or warden
  4. Notary on the stamp of ₹ 10 issued by the Tehsil (Keep in mind that the stamp will be in the name of the applicant and not in the name of the deceased)
  5. photo of deceased
  6. Aadhar card of the applicant

Get this certificate shown above verified by your village head, after which you can easily death certificate Will be able to issue |

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Death certificate Online apply on CRS portal

Dear friends, as you all know that now you can get Death Certificate made through CRS portal, for this first you have to create your user ID and password on CRS portal.

Let us know how to create user id and password on CRS portal.

CRS portal registration

  • After clicking on the above website, this application form will open in front of you where you will have to fill the following information.
  • First of all choose your username here.⬅️
  • After that enter your mobile number here.⬅️
  • After that create your email id here⬅️
  • and enter the date here.⬅️
  • After this, select your full address below here and fill the captcha code and click on the button of Registered⬅️

Note – Dear friends, before registering here, you should keep in mind that you should register here for birth or death certificate within 21 days of death and birth, otherwise the registration here will not be valid.

  • After successful registration, login to your application with the help of your User ID and Password.
  • After this, fill all the information asked here correctly and submit the application.
  • yours within 15 days death certificate It will be ready and you can download it from here.

How to Download Death Certificate

dear friends your Death Certificate Download To do so, download your certificate by following the steps below.

  • To download the Death Certificate, visit the official website.⬅️
  • Login with your User ID and Password.⬅️
  • Now you will see the death certificate created by you there.⬅️
  • Now here you select the Death Certificate Download option.⬅️
  • After this you download your Death Certificate from here.⬅️

How to make a death certificate from Citizen Portal

  • .death certificate To apply online, first of all go to the citizen portal of your state, below you will get the link of UP citizen portal. Click Hare APPLY ||

Death Certificate Download

  • After opening the citizen portal, you will have to register yourself there and create a user ID and password.⬅️
  • After creating User ID and Password, you can login to the citizen portal.⬅️
  • After login to the citizen portal, you select the service option and go to the death certificate and open the application by clicking on the death certificate application.
  • After opening the application, fill all the information asked in the application correctly such as name, address, mobile number etc.
  • After this you will have to upload the documents below, then you go to the upload section and upload the photo copy of Aadhar card or identity card given above and the format of death certificate by the village head. You can also attach the death certificate of the ward member or you can also apply the report of MBBS doctor or government hospital if the death happened in the hospital.
  • After uploading all the documents, submit the form and check once go to the payment page.
  • After this, pay these documents, ₹ 10 is charged from you, after the successful completion of the payment on the UP Citizen portal, you will be generated a payment slip, which you can take out and keep it with you.
  • After 10 to 15 days, your death certificate is generated and it comes in the inbox in the portal, which you can print and keep with you, it does not require any stamp signature, it is completed with digital signature.

In the video given below, you have been explained the complete method, so from here you can apply for death certificate by watching the complete video.

death certificate

See also :-

what is death certificate?

A death certificate is issued to declare the person who becomes dead as dead.

What is the benefit of death certificate?

To withdraw this government pension from the bank at any government place, this death certificate is used for many types of government work related to any property.

How is a death certificate made?

You can make your death certificate by applying online by visiting CSR Portal to make death certificate

How long does it take to get a death certificate issued?

It takes 15 to 30 days to generate a death certificate.

How to Download Death Certificate?

If you have applied online to make on date sheet then after 15 to 30 days you can download your date certificate after verifying it

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