How to do online correction or change in Aadhar card sitting at home, know the way

UIDAI has issued a new option regarding the address update in the Aadhar card, so those people who live in a rented house will get more benefits. address validation letter

If you also keep changing the city or your house from time to time, then it becomes difficult to show proof of address. Due to which most of the people doing government jobs keep facing problems regarding address proof. In view of this, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has changed the process of Aadhaar card address update. Through this new process, Aadhar card holders can change their address through Aadhaar verification letter instead of valid proof of new address.

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This whole process to change address in Aadhaar

According to this new facility of UIDAI, any Aadhar card holder, who wants to change his address in Aadhar card, then for this he will have to take permission from his landlord or from the person already living there. The person verifying the new address (could be the landlord, friend, relative or any member of the household residing at that address). if consent is obtained UIDAI Aadhaar verification letter can be ordered through the portal.

How can I get the verification letter?

For this, the Aadhar card holder will have to go to the UIDAI official website and get the verification code (who wants to update the address) through online Aadhaar update in the option given there. UIDAI A secret code will be sent to that address by the Aadhar card holder. When the Aadhar card holder submits this secret code through the site, then his new address will be updated in Aadhar card.

How to update in Aadhar card?

If you want to make any changes in Aadhar card, then for this you have to go to your nearest Aadhar Enrollment Agency. You have to visit your nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Agency/Aadhaar Registration Center to change name, date of birth, mobile number or email ID.

How to get Address Validation Letter to change address in Aadhaar?

If you want to update the new address in your Aadhar card without address proof, then it is necessary for you to have an Address Validation Letter.

How to Request for Address Validation Letter / Address Validation Letter.

  1. 1. First of all you have to go to the official website of UIDAI, Click here to go to website
  2. 2. After going to the official website, you have to click on the My aadhaar option
  3. 3. After that you Update Your Address Online You have to click on Request for Address Validation Letter Click on that option.
  4. 4. Aadhar Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal will open in front of you, in which you will have to enter your Aadhaar number and enter security code and click on Send Otp option.
  5. 5. An Otp will come on the mobile number which is linked with your Aadhar card as you have to login by entering.
  6. 6. Then you have to enter the address verfier aadhaar number. Then a letter will be sent from UIDAI to the address of the one who is your verfier, which will contain the secret code. And by entering this secret code, you will be able to update your address online.

Note :- Otherwise, if you want to make any corrections or changes in the Aadhar card, then for this you will have to go to your nearest Aadhar updation center.

Locate Aadhar updation centerYou can get information about your nearest Aadhar Updation Center from here.

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