How to create a habit of oral hygiene in children: tricks to apply at home

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Children’s parties or weekend outings are the perfect opportunities for children to have various sweets in sight that they could try if their parents authorize it. Although it may be a taste, in many cases it becomes a constant and every day they are exposed to excess sugar that can end up damaging their teeth and causing the dreaded cavities to appear. This is where it is vital to establish a habit of oral hygiene in the smallest of the home and here we leave you some tricks that you can apply

This is a task that parents must carry out from the appearance of the first tooth in order to also prevent other oral diseases such as gingivitis, among others, that may affect their physical and emotional well-being.

“Oral hygiene in children must be guided and supervised. Likewise, it should be done three times a day, after each meal, with night brushing being the most important. Encouraging and fostering healthy habits in oral hygiene from the earliest years will allow it to be maintained throughout the child’s life.” says the dental surgeon, Brenda Vergara Pinto, director of the School of Dentistry at the Norbert Wiener University.

How to create a habit of oral hygiene in children

This is a process that requires a lot of patience and commitment on the part of the parents and these tricks can be followed to enhance the routine:

  • Find the ideal brush: The one that not only keeps certain necessary technical characteristics such as soft filaments, rounded head, long and thick handle, but also has a color that is liked by the little one or some striking figure so that brushing time is more enjoyable.
  • Create a family moment: Children learn by example, a great motivation for them is to see their parents brushing together with them. At this time, they will be able to learn how much toothpaste to use and what the proper movements are.
  • set the moment: Bearing in mind that brushing lasts at least two minutes, play your child’s favorite song, so that in the future they can associate brushing with that melody. On the other hand, his favorite toy can also be the link to familiarize himself with brushing, that is, the boy or girl brushes the teeth of the toy (with another brush) and then it is his turn.
  • Encourage it: Create a brushing calendar, in which a happy face sticker is placed every time the little ones have finished the action.
  • Find allies: Having the congratulations of the teachers is good motivation for the children, because they are their references. Talk to the teacher in advance to praise the little one’s cute smile and/or send him notes of recognition.

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