How to choose baby bedding?

Sleeping children is sometimes difficult

Probably every parent has experienced it several times. You put the child to bed, sit next to him on a chair or the edge of the bed, tell him a fairy tale and wait until he finally falls asleep. When you seem to be asleep, you quietly get up and leave. The question of where you are going will break the silence.

Even though the child seemed to be fast asleep, the opposite is true. Even the slightest hiss will wake him and bring you back to where you sat. You are tired, maybe even broken from just sitting there, but the baby does not and does not fall asleep. And it has dimmed windows, the room is ventilated, maybe the stars are chasing him on the ceiling.

Choose bed linen with the child

You know that a well-chosen one could help you baby beddingWho will need the motif of a favorite fairytale hero? The baby will not feel the same way and will eventually fall asleep without your presence. But how to choose such bedding? It doesn’t just matter the motive. Or yes?

The motive should be chosen by the child himself

Although bedding design is not the most important parameter, in the case of children, definitely do not underestimate it. It could easily happen that the child will not like you and will go to your bed again and again after the bed.

A much better solution is to choose bedding together with the child. Ask him what color the sheets would like if he should have some special motif. If at least a little bit, try to please him.

Pay attention to the material as well

The most important parameter. The bedding is in close contact with the child’s skin, so it must be sewn from a non-hazardous material that can be used by children. What material is also suitable for sensitive baby skin?

  • It’s a classic cottonwhich is absorbent, breathable, wicks sweat away from the body and caresses the body. It can withstand high washing and ironing temperatures, which destroy various bacteria and mites.
  • It is also made of cotton crepe sheetsthat do not iron. The fine and wrinkled part alternates in the regular stripes, it has retained all the advantages of cotton.
  • Suitable for cold days and nights flannel sheetswhich warms up pleasantly. It is made of high quality and smooth 100% combed cotton with a high weight, it is soft and warm. If you take good care of it, you will also enjoy the longevity and color fastness.

How big bed linen to choose?

Yes, the choice of dimensions for children’s bedding also matters. It depends on the size of the pillow and duvet. While we most often buy bed linen with a size for a cot 90 x 120 cm for duvet and 40 x 60 cm for a pillow, or 140 x 90 for a duvet, we already buy classic bedding for adults in a large bed. It has standard dimensions 140 x 200 cm for duvet and 70 x 90 cm for the pillow.

You know that Even among children, over time, there are long people who need extended bedding?

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