How to choose a dog hotel?! Not everyone is good

Dog owners are often stressed about leaving the animal in an unfamiliar environment, but the dog usually gets used to the new environment within one to three days. If you choose the right hotel, he will receive professional care – the operators are usually breeders, so they have enough experience with dogs.

Choose carefully

There are many dog ​​hotels, but they can offer very different services. The dog can be accommodated in a kennel, as well as in an apartment (this applies more to small breeds). First of all, we need to find out what our dog is used to and choose a hotel accordingly. If your dog likes his peace and lives in an outdoor kennel, an outdoor kennel will certainly be more acceptable to him than an apartment full of dogs. The price should not be decisive for you and it is worthwhile to visit the facility and ask about everything properly.

In particular, be interested in:

  • frequency of walking
  • feeding provided
  • veterinary conditions

Bring your dog with you and let the staff introduce it. Book your accommodation early so you don’t have to choose at the last minute.

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