How to block and stop an Android app from spying on you?

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Every time you download and install an app or APK, you have to grant it certain permissions from your smartphone operating system. Android, for example: WhatsApp asks you for access to the microphone (to record the audio); to the gallery (to store and send photos or videos); location (to share and receive the same); etc., there is no doubt that it is justifiable, however, it is not normal for an application to request all these permissions and not use them. Do you want to know if an app is really spying on you? From Mag we will teach you how to reinforce the security and privacy of your information with this simple trick.

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The steps for an Android application not to spy on you

  • Sometimes users “Accept” everything without first reading what they are granting.
  • To find out if they are really spying on you, download the application “DuckDuckGo”, you can get it from the Google Play Store of Android or by clicking on the following link.
  • This program will help you block third-party trackers that masquerade as “Apps”.
  • Open the app and enter the “Settings”.
  • The next step is to click on the “Application tracking protection” option.
  • Finally, accept the permissions that DuckDuckGo requests as the “VPN Connection”. Remember that it is a 100% reliable app.
  • Wait for the results of the process. In this way you will know if some applications that you have installed on your cell phone work as trackers, which collect information to show you ads or advertising.
  • To avoid this you have to uninstall or remove the application immediately.

Reasons why the iPhone is more expensive than an Android cell phone

  • Processor: All the recognized brands that manufacture cell phones, among these: Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc., have the Android operating system, but most incorporate third-party processors such as: Snapdragon, Exynos, Google Tensor, etc. On the other hand, iOS develops processors specifically created for its models, we are talking about the Apple Bionic and its different versions.
  • updates: Android releases an update per year, this when it presents the new version of its operating system, but it also publishes emergency updates when it detects security flaws that can be exploited by cybercriminals; instead, Apple frequently updates itself to optimize its performance, security, and privacy of the data stored on the iPhone.
  • cameras: finally, everyone will agree that the cameras of the iPhonese are superior to those of many models with Android, the difference is abysmal. This way you can take better pictures and record videos with high resolution.

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