How to be an optimistic person? Discover the exercise that will change your life

The difference in our quality of life can widen when we look at things with more gratitude. Feeling grateful is not just closing your eyes to life’s ills and alienating yourself, but simply knowing that there are good and bad things in the world, and choosing to give thanks for the positive things that happen in your life.

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Learning to give thanks is a very important step to change the view about existence and see it as an event worth celebrating. However, we know how difficult it is to stay positive most of the time.

With the amount of information bombarding our eyes, we easily feel discouraged due to the tragic news, or even the sad scenes we witness. One way to get around negativity and achieve more harmonious thinking is through a gratitude journal.

In this daily exercise suggested by the WeMystic website, you’ll record things you’re grateful for, and also train your mindset to achieve a more positive frame of mind, drawing the same positive energy to yourself.


The first object to make a gratitude journal is a notepad or notebook, no need to worry about aesthetics, just worry about the fact that you will need to write down everything you love in your life at the time of writing. . Items can be simple, such as having something to eat or where to sleep, or even more elaborate topics.

Write down at least ten things you are grateful for each day when you wake up. Waking up having exercised this activity can bring benefits:

stress reduction

We live in an era where mental illness has taken over the population. It is difficult to know someone who has never been affected by an anxiety crisis or an episode of panic disorder, and in addition, depression has one of its highest rates in Brazil, among all other countries in Latin America.

Likewise, stress has become a common factor in everyday life, mainly due to the increasingly busy daily life. We normalize not being able to hear even our thoughts over the days, and logically, the physical body feels and accumulates the charges of irritation.

Therefore, the goal with the gratitude journal is to remember the good days before you leave home so that the routine becomes a more enjoyable and productive one.

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Ease of accepting and promoting change

Make the gratitude journal a daily habit. As time goes on, you will find that you no longer have to make an effort to remember happy situations. This will affect all areas of your life, from personal to professional, inside and outside the home. You will find it much easier to smile at other people as you will feel more open to possibilities such as a new relationship or new friendships.

Even when an unpleasant situation arises, a gratitude journal can help. We all go through difficulties and obstacles, the difference may be in the way we react to each situation. When we are inert in our frustration, a new problem tends to be read like the last straw, but when we are in a good mood, we deal with adversity in an exemplary way.

Thus, the gratitude journal also helps us to face with a certain naturalness, and even as an opportunity, the impasses we faced.

Improved self-esteem

With the gratitude journal, you will realize that the problems we face are just another version of what everyone else faces. We all have difficulties accepting some of our characteristics.

Some say that imperfection is part of human life, and writing daily, you will realize that what we consider negative in ourselves is a tiny fraction of our personality, perhaps not even noticed by our colleagues or family.

You will want to write down traits of your personality or your appearance that you feel lucky to be born with, and hopefully, over time, you will make accepting so-called “flaws” more organic.

force of attraction

Not only will you start to attract more positive energy to yourself, you will also make choices that will lead you to the environments and people that arouse this feeling in you. Taking time out of the day to analyze your life and write about it can bring longing, love, affection and other positive feelings. That way, when you realize this, you will be able to know more adequately where you want to spend most of your time and what makes you really happy.

Building self-discipline

From the beginning of the creation of the habit, discipline is built with it. All forms of productivity require a certain amount of commitment and effort. The gratitude journal, as one of these activities, will also need responsibility.

In the same way that our daily lives ask for discipline, they will also be less or more productive, sometimes even with a certain resistance to work.

When that day arrives for your gratitude journal, a few tips can help you, for example, by taking stock of achievements in your life, or by forcing yourself to think, even against your will at first. This is all a way of undertaking self-discipline.

(Text by WeMystic)

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