How to add the ringtone of the Champions League in the alarm clock of my Android mobile

After the surprise defeat of Manchester City against Real Madrid, who lost during the last minutes of the second leg, and without a chance to play the Champions League grand final against Liverpool on May 28 in France, millions of Fans are waiting for this international tournament to find out who will be the lucky team that lifts the “Orejona”. In addition, on different social networks, content creators have made videos where they place an alarm or ringtone to the UEFA anthem, something that we will show you below if you have a mobile Android.

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You will not need to download additional programs from the Google Play Store or from external sites, just an audio of the Champions League anthem in MP3 format, although it is not essential if you have a Spotify account. Remember that on all mobile devices with an operating system Android An alarm clock application comes by default.

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  • First, make sure you have downloaded on your mobile Android the anthem of the Champions League in MP3 format, you can find the complete song on YouTube.
  • After finding the song, copy the URL and paste it on the web page “”, so you can download it in MP3 format.
  • In case you have Spotify you will not have to perform the aforementioned steps.
  • The next thing is to access the alarm clock application.
  • create an alarm and click on the “Alarm sound” option.
  • Two sections “Tone” and “Spotify” will appear.
  • Tap on the first one and then on the cross that is located at the top right, a list with all your audios will open, select the one you have downloaded, the one from the “Champions League” and click on “Done”.
  • Now with the second. “Spotify” will open and in the magnifying glass look for the “Champions League Theme” song and finally press the back arrow, it will be saved automatically.

How to enable automatic app update on Android

  • Open the Google Play Store from Android and touch your profile picture icon in the top right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, go to “Manage device and apps”.
  • Here you will see how many updates you have pending and the use of gigabytes that you have consumed from the storage. If you want you can do it manually, otherwise do the following.
  • Go back to Google Play and click on your profile picture again > “Settings” or “Settings” > “Network preferences”.
  • Then, click on the section called “Automatic update of apps”.
  • Choose if you want Android Update apps over any network (including mobile data on) or only when connected to Wi-Fi.

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