How to activate the “vacation mode” in WhatsApp step by step

One of the applications that has the most downloads and that many use as the first option to communicate remotely is WhatsApp. The application has not only served to exchange photos, videos, GIFs, but also to make calls or video calls in order to keep everyone connected for free.

The app is constantly updated and was in beta where he not only brought temporary messages, but the benefit of activating the “holiday mode” in WhatsApp. What is it? Here we explain it to you.

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The aim of the app is for you to disconnect for a long time from its platform and give yourself a break so that you are never saturated with answering those messages that you do not want to receive or respond to at the moment.

How active? Here we tell you everything to have the “holiday mode” in WhatsApp:

  • Enter the WhatsApp application.
  • Then you must go to the conversation you want.

In this way you can activate the “vacation mode” in WhatsApp. (Photo: WABeta Info)
  • Later you must click on “Archive” and there choose where you want the chat to move.
  • When you open your “Archived” conversations, it will tell you that everyone in that window will be stored there without the need to silence them and will not return to the main chat.


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