How to activate the “spy mode” in WhatsApp

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WhatsApp It has been updated and from now on you can have a tool that is quite requested by its users: the option to open your account on two different cell phones. You can even use the same chat with your partner. How can I activate the “spy mode” in the app? Well, follow these steps.

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How to activate the “spy mode” in WhatsApp?

  • The possibility of opening your WhatsApp on two different cell phones will also help to control your children.
  • In case you have a jealous partner, you can also share this trick.
  • The first thing will be to download the most current version on a second cell phone, especially the beta.
  • Then click on “OK”.
  • Now before entering your cell phone number, simply click on the three dots in the upper corner.
  • Click on “Link device”.
  • At that moment a giant QR code will be displayed.
  • Scan the QR Code with the second cell phone where you have WhatsApp open.
  • Your account will automatically be open on two different cell phones.
  • Each of them will be able to chat without having to depend on the other.
  • Remember that you can unlink WhatsApp whenever you want.

In this way you can activate the famous “spy mode” in WhatsApp. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)

How to activate the “ignored mode” in WhatsApp?

  • The first thing will be to enter WhatsApp.
  • Then click on the conversation where you want to activate the “ignored mode”.
  • Then go to the profile picture.
  • There you will be shown a series of options.
  • Click on “Mute”. Choose “Forever”.
  • That way when you receive a WhatsApp message it will no longer ring or you will receive a notification.
  • Remember that in the next few days, any WhatsApp group with a number greater than 256 members will be automatically silenced.

These are the emoticons that your contacts could misinterpret

  • Emoji of the like or thumb up: many use it to indicate that they like something or agree with someone, however, on certain occasions it turns out to be rude, provocative or aggressive. “It has great vibrations to shut your mouth. The thumbs up emoji communicates that you don’t know how to communicate and you think you know everything”, expressed the therapist in sentimental relationships, Jeff Guenther, for the medium minute one.
  • dizzy face: The specialist assures that this icon expresses that you are upset, insecure, constipated and even in a drunken state, since its real meaning says that you should use it when you are in love or satisfied. Imagine that you send it in your work group without any type of text, your colleagues and bosses will think that you are going to work drunk.
  • angel emoji: users usually share it to express that they are religious or charming, but Guenther points out that sometimes they are perceived to show insecurity or a way of not wanting to take responsibility for your actions.

What is Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a messaging application for smartphones in which messages are sent and received over the Internet. In addition to text messaging, users can create groups, send each other images, documents, location, video, audio recordings, and contacts.

How to silence WhatsApp States from iOS?

  • What you should first do is open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone.
  • Then, choose the Status of the contact you want to mute.
  • The first thing will be to download the most current version on a second cell phone, especially the beta.


  • There are several reasons why you cannot see the last hour of your partner’s WhatsApp connection.
  • One of them is that she or he decided to hide it from everyone.
  • For that you must go to Settings, Account, Privacy and Hide for all last connection time.
  • Another reason is that he does not have you scheduled on WhatsApp.
  • Just tell him to register your number and you’re done.
  • Also, that person may have removed you from their contacts.
  • As a last resort, they may have blocked you or changed their cell phone.
  • Always remember to keep in touch with him or her to avoid bad times.
  • Only use this WhatsApp trick as long as you know the real reasons why the last connection time is hidden.


  • Online: WhatsApp is still developing in its Beta program the function to hide the “Online” status from the contacts you want, therefore, if you see that someone answers a message immediately and their connection does not appear, it means that they use WhatsApp Plus.
  • Writing…: the “Online” connection changes to “Writing…” when your contacts reply to one of your messages, if this word does not appear at the top, it is an indication that you have also downloaded the unofficial APK.
  • Recording audio…: Similarly, the “Online” status changes to “Recording audio…” when your contacts reply to your messages with a voice note.
  • deleted states: If your friends or family can still see the statuses you just deleted, it means that you have the Plus version of WhatsApp.

How to know which is the original WhatsApp Plus?

One of the easiest ways to recognize the original app is that the icon instead of being green is blue, hence its popular name of “Blue WhatsApp”. Another way is by entering the app where you will see the control center that has a menu with more customizable controls, from the color of the chats to the background of them.

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