How SMBs can protect themselves from cyberattacks


Pandemic, inflation, war in Ukraine… For the past two years, the resilience of Swiss SMEs has been fascinating. Perhaps because in every crisis lurk the seeds of new opportunities, as the Chinese like to point out. Alongside EPFL and “PME Magazine”, “Le Temps” celebrates entrepreneurship, on the occasion of Forward-PME which will take place on June 9 at the Swiss Convention Center.

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These are two phrases that constantly resonate in the minds of SME managers. “The question is not whether you will suffer a cyberattack, but when”, as well as “100% security does not exist”. Two sentences on the merits, one as fair as the other, but which place business managers in a very uncomfortable situation: what to do to effectively protect your SME against hackers and try to avoid joining Matisa, DBS Group , Comparis or Les Laiteries Réunis de Genève on the long list of hacked organizations?

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