How Sara Maldonado realized that she was suffering violence from her former partners

From his first appearances in Mexican youth soap operas to his starring roles in international productions such as “queen of the south” and “Cappadocia”, Sarah Maldonado She has become one of the most important actresses today.

And it is that despite not having starred in controversies, the celeb from mexico She is also remembered for the harsh words she dedicated to her ex-partner after he cheated on her after they lost a child.

However, recently the 42-year-old artist once again made waves with statements that exposed a little-commented social problem, but which occurs in several Latin American countries.

Sara Maldonado is part of the cast of “Mujeres asesinas” (Photo: Vix+)


A few days ago, during the premiere of “Killer women”, the actress from Veracruz spoke to the media about her projects and her experience in the new production, revealing that she had problems with her ex-partners, whom she identified from the scenes she filmed in the series.

I couldn’t understand how a woman, a person, can stay in a violent relationship for so long and not turn around and leave.”, he commented.

Given this, the 42-year-old artist decided to consult with a friend, who is a psychologist in a prison in Mexico, and who began to question her about various aspects, sharing her same reaction to the cases.

I began to feel many things, and I realized that I have also been part of that violence, what happens is that I had it completely normalized”, he added.

Although she did not go into detail about the type of violence she suffered, the actress made it clear that “You don’t have to end with blows, you don’t have to end in the grave” so that this can not be considered as this terrible social problem.

In the same way, the artist reflected on possible solutions or prevention methods against gender violence.

Obviously revenge is not ideal. As women, we must work so that the laws are corrected, so that there are more penalties for men, for violent people”, he explained.

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