How often should you dispose of your underwear? This says science

Generally, it is the idea that the useful life of underwear is long; however, recently, a video on Tiktok It has been postulated that the most ideal thing is to make changes to this type of garment every 6 months, which has generated a serious discussion that even involves studies and health specialists who seek to answer this question.

The case of Kitty Chemist

According to the footage shared by Kitty Chemist, affirms that these garments should be thrown away every 6 to 9 months. The images show this woman dancing while a text asks a question: “How often should you throw away your underwear? Six months? once a year?”, just to answer: “6 to 9 months”.

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In another frame from the same video he explains his idea: “Not all bacteria, pathogens and fibers can be removed during washing (…) invisible mold and bacteria will grow”, statements that, immediately, caused diverse opinions.

“For a long time I didn’t know this at all until I had to find out for myself.”, only to reveal that this happened due to 5 years ago he went to the gynecologist because of recurrent infections. The doctor asked him about the material of which his undergarments are made, to reveal that the cotton strips of these clothes contained vaginal bacteria and whose texture irritated his skin.

On the side of those who are not in favor of these postulates, we can read comments such as: “Don’t do this. It is uneconomical. It’s bad for the environment “, “I still have underwear that I bought in eighth grade and I’m 22 years old.”, “I can’t pay that”.

Study backs Chemist

Kitty Chemist took his time before answering in Tiktok to the people who were against his idea, for which he went to an article published by the atlantic obstetrician (USA), Tosha Rogers, on Essence during 2019 which talks about it.

“Never keep panties on for more than 6 to 9 months (…) There’s a reason they cost $ 5: they’re not meant to be considered family heirlooms. Buy 4-5 new undergarments every 6 months and discard 4-5 old ones at the same time. “.

In the aforementioned article, the galena insists: Your panties are the most intimate garment you will wear as a woman. Discharge occurs naturally. It is not always smelly or infected, and it can be normal. That said, your panties are the recipients of all shocks. You take off your panties at the end of the day and throw them in the washing machine, which is usually done every week or so. “.

“Until the day of washing, the secretion is soaked in the cotton crotch of the panties, creating a strain of bacteria, yeast and mold. Yes, mold. Unfortunately, conventional detergents are not specifically designed to eliminate these particular pathogens and molds. “, details Rogers.

Specialists against disposing of underwear in 6 months

Despite what was stated in the article on which it was based Chemist to answer his critics, Jennifer Meyers, certified nurse midwife and spokesperson for Mayo Clinic thinks differently and assures that, although these affirmations could have some support, he considers that establishing a 6 to 9 month period to throw away the undergarments is somewhat stiff.

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“Any item of clothing that can be thoroughly washed does not have to be thrown away (…) In addition, the garment itself vaginal fluid from a womanit is rarely harmful to your own body “, declared to Yahoo Life.

In contrast, Meyers offers an alternative, which is to wash the underwear with soap and warm water after each use. Advice that, for example, would do quite well to the people who participated in the survey conducted by Tommy John (clothing retailer), which found that 45 percent use the same pair of underwear in a period of 2 or more days; the 13 percent he does it for a week or more.

Specialists who are not in favor assure that it is only necessary to wash the clothes with warm water and soap. (Photo: EFE)

Another dissenting voice of this postulate is the dermatóloga australiana Shreya Andric, who assured News: “From a health point of view, it is not necessary to throw away underwear every six or nine months, as long as a new pair is worn every day and washed with hot water after each use (…) It is true that washing machines They may not kill all organisms, however there is a phenomenon called the ‘inoculum effect’ whereby a certain number of organisms are needed to cause an infection. Your washing machine will not leave enough bacteria to cause you problems. “.

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